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How to keep your pet parasite free The warm months have come and with the dog days of summer come parasites that can keep your pet from enjoying them. Many pet parents now use topical treatments such as K9 Advantix and Frontline to protect their pets from these pests, but recent studies show that most […]

An astounding 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS).

Dry skin is a common problem for most dogs during these cold dry winter months which can lead to hair loss if not cared for properly, but what can you do at home to help your baby’s skin stay healthy? We will outline some basic things you can do at home and with your groomer to make […]

This time of year many people let their pets’ hair grow long “for winter”. While the idea is to keep your pet warm, if it is not maintained properly you can be doing more harm than good for your pet. Longer coats can take hours to dry naturally so they need to be blow dried […]

This time of year we rarely think about what the salt and dry conditions can do to our dog’s paws. They can become chapped and even get infected if not cared for properly. Thankfully there is a simple and easy way to protect your dog’s paws without making them wear doggy shoes: paw balm. Paw […]

When you get a new puppy most people think of potty training, and basic obedience as the only things to teach a new dog, but what about grooming? Grooming can be a very strange and stressful experience for a new puppy if they are not first conditioned to understand what is happening, and what you […]

Why should you have your dog groomed regularly? Other than the obvious aesthetic benefit there are many other pros to keeping your pup on a frequent grooming schedule. There are many direct health benefits of having your dog groomed. Regular brushing of all pets, despite coat length or type, helps to keep the coat and […]