Tis the Season for Fleas and Ticks


How to keep your pet parasite free

The warm months have come and with the dog days of summer come parasites that can keep your pet from enjoying them. Many pet parents now use topical treatments such as K9 Advantix and Frontline to protect their pets from these pests, but recent studies show that most pet parents are not applying these products properly. This means that their pets are not being properly protected, and it’s an issue that can be easily fixed.  Dr. Greg McDonald from Expert Village has a great instructional video showing how to properly apply topical flea and tick preventative that can be viewed below:

These same studies also show that some pet parents are applying topical treatments directly after their pet has been groomed, which also renders the product in effective. Why is this? When a pet is bathed the natural oils in its coat are somewhat removed (quality products, like the ones we use at D’tails, do not fully strip the coat of oils). These oils are how the topical flea and tick preventative moves from the application site to cover your entire pet, protecting them completely. If applied when your pet’s natural oils are lower than normal the preventative may not be as effective. If you wish to apply topical preventative after your pet has been groomed, the best course of action is to apply 48 hours after their grooming appointment.


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