Walking in a Winter Wonderland


This time of year we rarely think about what the salt and dry conditions can do to our dog’s paws. They can become chapped and even get infected if not cared for properly. Thankfully there is a simple and easy way to protect your dog’s paws without making them wear doggy shoes: paw balm.

Paw balm (or “wax”) works just like lip balm for humans, but is made lick-safe for your pet. They are relatively inexpensive, and last quite a long time. Simply apply a thin layer of paw balm as needed. Another tip is to wipe your pet’s paws down with a wet cloth or baby wipe before apply the balm to remove any salt residue that may still be present. My friend and founder of the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylist, Chris, makes her own natural paw balm that can be purchased on here website.


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