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¬†Lately a lot of attention has been fous on the proper care and maintenance¬†of dog’s nails. This is with good reason, overgrown nails can cause joint issues and even deform your dog’s feet. Proper care is essential to maintaining your dog’s health and well-being. There are two main ways to care for your dog’s nails: […]

Brushing and bathing your dog at home can be far more than cost effective. It also gives you and your pet time to bond. The tools you use when bathing and brushing your dog are very important to making the experience both fruitful and enjoyable for both of you. Brushes The Curry Brush For short […]

When you get a new puppy most people think of potty training, and basic obedience as the only things to teach a new dog, but what about grooming? Grooming can be a very strange and stressful experience for a new puppy if they are not first conditioned to understand what is happening, and what you […]

Why should you have your dog groomed regularly? Other than the obvious aesthetic benefit there are many other pros to keeping your pup on a frequent grooming schedule. There are many direct health benefits of having your dog groomed. Regular brushing of all pets, despite coat length or type, helps to keep the coat and […]